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Welcome to the Life Force family.  My name is Bishopp.  I’m the Manager and Special Needs Coordinator with Life Force Home Health Care.  I’m very involved with our clients and believe in creating caring relationships between our staff and clients.

Approximately 12 years ago I started out mentoring inner city youth who struggled with many different social and emotional obstacles in life.  I had a very high success rate with their progress moving forward into a more productive future that I was asked if I would be willing to work with autism and some young adults who suffered from brain trauma.  I loved doing that work allowing me to assist with behaviors and calming them down in order to bring them back into their happy place. This was so rewarding and fulfilling that it stayed with me changing my perspective of what care and support jobs lack.

When I started working with our seniors, I quickly become aware of a huge void in senior care, that was being mental and physical wellness.  Thinking back on my previous work experience I have come to realize, not all medication comes in the form of a pill. I felt including individual visits to chat, look at photos or even a game of pool, going for indoor and outdoor walks together for those struggling with mobility or insecurity not only added physical strengthening and safety, but it also provided much needed emotional support.


Life Force has integrated wellness in all of our care packages providing this support for those loved ones in need by our very loving care team, wellness volunteers as well as interaction between our clients and myself.

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